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Body Ready Birth™

You deserve your best possible birth experience, and there’s so much you can do to prepare for that! The Body Ready Birth™ Workshop is designed to prepare you physically for birth. This workshop is not a comprehensive Childbirth Education Course, we recommend signing up for that separately. 

While we are built to birth, so much of what we do on a daily basis is not helping your body be ready to give birth. Our ancestors were all about squatting, walking, and moving their bodies in ways we don’t do much of today. In fact, most of us only squat when a workout tells us to (if that!). In this workshop, we’ll reintroduce the physical movements necessary to ensure your baby’s path through your pelvis is open and unencumbered. 

The medical model of birth is not intended to facilitate a smooth, physiological birth. When labor is not progressing according to the medical model schedule, interventions are quickly utilized. Oftentimes something as simple as a change of position can be enough to get labor going again, but many medical providers and birthing people don’t know when to change positions, or even what positions are best. In this workshop you and your partner will learn and practice labor and birth positions, empowering both of you to meet each stage of labor with confidence. 

With this targeted, game-changing offering you’ll:

  • Experience birthing positions before labor
  • Build neural pathways from your brain to your body 
  • ‍Create mobility in your pelvis
  • Address common musculoskeletal issues that often slow down labor
  • Prepare all 3 levels of your pelvis for birth
  • Gain the confidence to know EXACTLY how to move in birth to help your baby progress
  • Practice innovative hands-on techniques to increase comfort and connection with your partner during labor 
  • The know-how to minimize and prevent common birth injuries with proven methods.

All so you can have your easiest possible birth! There is so much you can do to prepare your body when you have the right knowledge and tools. This workshop provides those tools and a guideline for practicing them before birth and utilizing them during your labor. 

Take control of your birth today with Body Ready Birth™

Investment: $250 for birthing parent and birth partner. Includes:

  • 5 hours of in-person class time to learn and practice functional movement
  • Learn hands-on techniques to practice with your partner
  • Online access to targeted birth training and movement videos to easily continue to practice at home as well as printable handouts to have with you in labor
  • Lifetime access to the online platform

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