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Childbirth Education Classes

Childbirth Education Series – 3 Weeks

This childbirth education series provides you and your support partner with the evidence based information you need to feel prepared for the empowered birth experience you desire and deserve. The course will be taught by a certified childbirth educator and doula, and will cover positioning, breathing and comfort measures, along with the information you need to make decisions about what is best for you and your family. This course can help prepare expectant parents and their support person for the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. Being prepared and having a plan for how you will approach this very important time can help you create a positive labor and birthing experience.

Some of the benefits of this Childbirth Class are:

  • Understand the changes that occur in the body throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum
  • Become informed on what to expect in labor and birth
  • Learn about the different labor interventions used and your options
  • Learn how to support and comfort the laboring parent
  • Learn different pain management and comfort techniques including breathing, massage, visualization, and positioning
  • Address fears and get answers to your questions
  • Create a birth preferences list using the information you have learned
  • Learn the basics of breastfeeding and postpartum care

The time spent in class will not only educate pregnant parents and their support person, it will also bring them closer, helping them become more connected and confident in their decisions while understanding each other’s roles. This valuable class covers a great deal of information and many of our parents connect with other parents to be, creating lasting friendships.

Instructor: Jen Eatherly, Birth To Beyond Doula

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