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Pregnancy Classes

Early Pregnancy Essentials

Did you recently find out that you are pregnant? Are you asking yourself a thousand questions? “When is labor going to start?”, “Am I ever going to sleep again?”, “What if my baby is huge?, “Doctor or Midwife?”? Do you want to build confidence and learn to listen to you, your body, and your baby? Then this workshop is a great place to start!

Pregnancy and birth are powerful, transformative, and new experiences. This can make your options for navigating a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period overwhelming, often leaving you with more questions than answers.

In this Early Pregnancy Workshop you’ll learn how to build your birth dream team, how your body changes throughout pregnancy and birth, how to tune in and listen to you, and how to prepare for a healthy postpartum period. We’ll also share tools and tips that will be useful throughout your pregnancy and labor.

Instructor: Katell Marmasse, Moonrise Doula

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