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Childbirth Education Classes

Holistic Childbirth Preparation – 5 weeks

This course is designed to help you remove fear and anxiety about childbirth and to develop confidence in your body’s unique ability to give birth. The emphasis of this course is placed on intuitive birthing and supporting the physiologic nature of birth. Our goal is for you to grow confident by gaining knowledge about: the process of birth, coping mechanisms and comfort measures to help you through birth, what options you have throughout the birth process, and informed decision making throughout your birth experience. With an evidence-based approach, this course will prepare you for a low/no intervention birth in any setting. However, we will also fully cover common interventions and pharmacologic pain relief options so that you feel prepared for however your birth unfolds.

You CAN have a beautiful and supported birth experience and we want to help you feel self-assured and empowered to have just that!!

Some of the things we cover in this course:

  • Normalizing the physiologic birth process for both the birthing person and their partners so that they feel comfortable and prepared and know what to expect.
  • Learning informed decision making on things that may come up towards the end of your pregnancy and through your birth experience.
  • Talking through your current feelings and views on birth and a focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of labor.
  • Ways to prepare your body and mind for birth.
  • A comprehensive study on the different stages of labor and what things to focus on in each phase so that you feel prepared and confident when your time comes. This knowledge will serve you so that you understand what is happening and are not surprised as you move through the different stages of labor.
  • How to work through the sensations that come with the different phases of labor.
  • Coping techniques, comfort measures, and position changes and why they are beneficial in different stages of labor.
  • An overview of different interventions that may be offered by your care provider through your process so that you can feel prepared if and when they do come up to make a decision about them that feels best for you and your birth.
  • Teaching your birth partner how to be an integral support person by learning to identify and respond to the birthing person’s needs and tools to help maintain an environment conducive to the unfolding of the birth process.
  • An overview of what the first few hours postpartum will look like wherever you give birth, what is beneficial during this time, and what options you have during this time.

This course takes place over 5 weeks. There will be a wealth of information provided, as well as time spent hands-on learning different laboring positions, comfort measures, and so much more. This is an inclusive offering and we welcome all birthing bodies and their support partner. We can’t wait to have you with us in class!

Instructor: Lucina Rising Birthwork

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