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Pregnancy Classes

Partner Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Prenatal Partner Yoga is the fun practice of exploring many different yoga postures done in physical contact with another person. Students experience a deeper sense of release and stretching through sharing weight and touch with their partners. This style of yoga practice helps you develop a strong feeling of connection with your baby and partner both on and off your mat. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Some of the benefits include:

  • An increase in body awareness and ability to breathe through the moment.
  • Helps increase confidence in birth partners and their ability to support the birthing mom.
  • Partner assists allow for deeper release and organization in yoga poses, allowing for more effective relief from common issues that arise in the pregnant body such as back pain, sciatica, leg cramps, leg swelling, acid reflux, exhaustion, stiff muscles, and/or insomnia.
  • Explores touch as a gateway of the focus to move away from the mind (where fear resides) and into embodied presence.
  • Releases oxytocin, which assists in shifting out of fight/flight mode and into the parasympathetic mode, thus increasing feelings of safety, relaxation, pleasure, and connection.
  • Brings awareness to multiple areas of the body at once, helping to diffuse mental tension and refresh the nervous system.
  • Allows for increased attention, insight, compassion, and gentle encouragement from the helping partner, which often allows the person performing the asana to feel safe to go deeper, gain new understanding on their alignment, or be able to experience subtle but key actions in the pose.
  • Creates a fun, expressive experience of unity and trust between partners, and creates a nurturing time and space to connect with your new baby.

Come learn techniques for breath awareness, massage, and partner poses, which can help strengthen and relax your body and soothe your mind during the process. This prenatal partner yoga workshop is for those pregnant and their partner/husband/friend during pregnancy.

Practicing yoga poses and breathing can greatly improve your physical, emotional and spiritual- being. When practiced with a loving partner you can both grow together creating deeper mutual care, trust and family bonding. This will help both of you with your pregnancy, the labor process and parenthood. We will do poses individually and as couples. This class will be taught at a level that will be comfortable for all participants.

Instructor: Alyssa Cowdrey

All Participants must register separately for this class, please be sure to register partners under their own account. Class passes and memberships can be shared for this class, please contact the studio to enable this feature. 

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