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Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

Yoga is so often recommended to pregnant and postpartum people as a safe and beneficial form of movement, and for good reason! Beyond the mental and typically thought of physical benefits, the breath and movement practices of yoga are wonderful tools for understanding and maintaining optimal health and functionality of the Pelvic Floor. This workshop and class is designed to educate students on the basic anatomy and physiology of the Pelvic Floor, how it functions during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and how yoga and breathwork can benefit overall pelvic health! The first hour of this event will be a workshop style: lots of education and discussion. The second hour of this event will be a yoga class that incorporates all of our new Pelvic Floor learnings! Students are welcome to attend either or both of the hours. Please call the studio to register!

Investment: $75 registration includes one hour workshop and one hour yoga class. Once you have attended the workshop you may return for the class only portion as many times as you like. Active pass holders may use their punch or membership to pay for the class only option. Workshop attendance is a prerequisite for the class only option. 

Instructor: Rachel Wolf, ToulaCo

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