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Meet the Doulas

Belly Bliss offers a free monthly Meet The Doulas event. This is a great opportunity to find out more about what a doula does, how they can help you, and ask questions. This event starts with an overview of the information above, followed by a Q&A and an oppportunity to mingle with the Belly Bliss Doulas.

Cate Moll

Cate is a doula that is full of excitement for all births. She has a background in somatic psychology and …

Amy McHugh

Hi, I’m Amy! Wife, girl mom, doula… I became a certified labor doula (CD) almost 9 years ago through DONA …

Amanda Gonzales

My name is Mandy Gonzales and I am a native to Colorado. I have been married for 23 years to …

Rachel Wolf

Rachel is from central Pennsylvania and moved to Denver in 2018. She doesn’t have children of her own yet, but …

Katell Marmasse

Katell is a birth Doula, having attended over 80 births. Her passion lies in educating pregnant parents about their body, …

Doula Support

Belly Bliss Has Partnered With The Best Birth And Postpartum Doulas In Denver. Join Us For Our Free Monthly Meet The Doulas To Learn More About Doula Support And Meet The Team. Why hire a doula?

  • 50% decrease in cesarean births
  • 60% decrease in epidurals
  • 40% decrease in the use of pitocin
  • 30% decrease in the use of narcotics
  • 30% decrease in the use of forceps
  • Overall, a 25% decrease in the length of labor!

What is a birth doula?

A birth doula takes care of a laboring person, helping both emotionally and physically, throughout labor and childbirth. They provide comfort techniques, information, options, and support. Giving birth to a baby is so much more than just a physical process; it engages people in a transformational experience. It is a key life event that is full of meaning and emotion.

Doulas Are Not Just For The Pregnant Parent:

A doula does not take the place of the partner, spouse, or non-birthing parent; a doula strives to get them more involved in the labor and birth while relieving the pressure for them to know exactly what to do.

A doula offers many benefits to the partner as well:

  • Increase in partner’s confidence levels and decrease in stress
  • Alleviation of anxiety by serving as a resource for answering questions, offering suggestions and encouragement
  • Facilitating greater participation in the birth by the partner
  • Filling in for the partner when they need to take a break
  • The emotional relief that comes with knowing you are not alone in the supportive role
  • Allowing someone to accompany the baby during first medical assessments while knowing the birthing parent is also being supported