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Elizabeth Bean

Birth Doula

I’m Elizabeth Bean, the doula behind EB Doula. My journey to becoming a birth doula began during my first pregnancy. I became fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth, and by the amazing things the human body is capable of. I had two amazing birth experiences with my daughters. Years later, after providing advice and support to various friends and family members who were pregnant, I decided to turn my passion for pregnancy and birth into a career as a birth doula.

I feel strongly that birthers can have – and DESERVE to have – an amazing birth experience. I believe in bodily autonomy, few interventions, and birth as a normal physiological process. I’m committed to making sure my clients have the birth they want, whatever that looks like. I trained and am certified through DONA International.

I’ve lived in Colorado since 2010, and in my spare time I love to read, be outdoors (as long as it’s not too hot!), cook, make wreaths, work on home improvement projects with my husband, and play with my two daughters.