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Katell Marmasse

Birth Doula

Katell is a birth Doula, having attended over 80 births. Her passion lies in educating pregnant parents about their body, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood in a very conscious and aware way. She believes that knowledge is power and that birth is an opportunity to grow, heal, and learn about yourself. Katell is also a prenatal yoga instructor, a Reiki Master, a postpartum Doula and a mama to two humans and one dog.

The first time she heard the word Doula was the day she brought her first baby girl home. She felt so empowered by the experience of giving birth that she researched how she could help other women feel that way. But it is after giving birth to her second baby that she decided to make this her work, my job, my mission.

Throughout the years, she has done many trainings. From yoga (vinyasa, prenatal, pelvic floor yoga teacher training), aromatherapy, infant massage, Reiki, past life regression Therapist, crystal healing and more recently breathwork teacher training and Somatic soul based Trauma therapy training. And she believes that all those trainings, even if she wasn’t consciously aware of it at that time, helped her in many ways to expand her Doula practice and offerings.

When not “doulaing” or teaching, you can find her on her yoga mat, having a dance party in the kitchen with her daughters, riding her bike, planning her next adventure, or cuddling with her dog Kali and two cats, Loki and Bibi.