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Erin Floyd

Yoga Instructor

I have been a yoga instructor for 11 years, I got into it because I worked for the Ellen DeGeneres show in Los Angeles. It was my first job in the industry, I was working brutal 15 hour days while often running around with my head cut off. One of my many jobs was to find talented people to plug into the audience to perform on the show. One day my team found a 70-something year old yoga instructor who could do scorpion pose, so we had her put a hat on her head for the show. This woman was calm and serene, she knew what she wanted and knew how to manage her stress and I wanted to be her. The next day I tried yoga for the first time. Two years later, I got certified and for four more years I worked for production companies while teaching yoga on the side until I was able to fulfill my dream of teaching full time. 

After teaching for 3 years, I wanted to plan for my future, so I got certified in prenatal and postnatal yoga. I really found where I could help the most people thrive in this beautiful, yet intense transition. My LA clients lovingly refer to me as their “Friend Bully” because I take the awkwardness out of making friends and pair people together who are the same weeks gestation or have babies around the same age, “You should be friends, you will want to text each other in the middle of the night!” I’m thrilled to report that many of my clients still have the same great connections they made in my yoga class. This is what new parenthood is all about, building the camaraderie, connection and what I hope to build in my class at Belly Bliss.

I moved to Denver in 2022 with my husband and best friend, Mark and our incredible 2 year old, Jade.