300 Josephine St #230, Denver, CO 80206 | 303-399-1191


Kelsey Mueller, 200-RYT, PYT

Yoga Instructor

Kelsey is an Air Force kid that deems her time in Colorado worthy of the title Native. A mom of 4 humans with births from 2009-2020, 3 dogs, a cat, amongst other animals. She has always had a nurturing spirit. She’s helped clients find external love for the past 18 years as a Barber. She traded a career of external love for one helping her clients find as much inward love. She has been teaching a vinyasa style yoga practice in Denver since 2017, and Kids, Family, Prenatal, and Postnatal Yoga since 2018.  

Clinical Passion 

Kelsey started practicing yoga as an inexpensive way to lose the baby weight after baby #2. She found a deep appreciation for her body in her yoga journey. After her own experience of two births where she was left feeling confused and unprepared, she knew she wanted to make other Moms feel strong and supported. She started empowering her clients to know their bodies, embrace emotions, be “Strong as a Mother”, become self aware, and advocate for themselves and their kids. Because sometimes, all the time, pregnancy and parenthood calls for it.

Birth education and labor preparation are the heart and soul of Kelsey’s classes, where she provides opportunities to find strength and body awareness.

Interests and Hobbies

Yoga! Kelsey does a lot of yoga. She’s also an avid gardener with a huge pollinator garden. She volunteers and teaches yoga at the Butterfly Pavilion. Kelsy is an Earth Advocate, always finding ways to help the Earth any way she can and spending as much time in it as possible. Aerial arts is a new hobby for Kelsey, she absolutely loves the combination of yoga like moves, contortion, acrobatics, and dance. Kelsey is also an artist. She works with concrete, resin, all mediums of paint, and loves upcycling “trash” to be beautiful and new. When not doing yoga or aerial arts, you’ll find Kelsey trail running, because if she’s going to run, she might as well be looking at something beautiful! And don’t forget music, because everything is better with music!