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Macushla Hobin, Licensed prenatal acupuncturist


Macushla Hobin, L.Ac. MSTOM

Licensed Acupuncturist

Macushla has been practicing in the healthcare field since 2003. After she graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (2008) in San Diego, she spent time doing post-graduate work in Beijing, studying at the hospitals and at their TCM University. She started her focus on pregnancy during her masters program when she wrote her senior thesis on Acupuncture in Labor and Delivery, a 50-page clinical trial. She continues to expand and refine her knowledge by doing continuing education studies with the leaders in the field of pregnancy and pelvic floor focused acupuncture, like Debra Betts and Dr. Jamie Hampton. She grew up the oldest of 5 children in a family that practiced natural healthcare. The first home birth she attended was her brother’s, she was 7. She is a compassionate, results-based, and patient-focused practitioner, who works with great care and integrity meeting her patients where they are at.  She works diligently with each patient to optimize their health and believes traditional chinese medicine is an invaluable tool on the path towards true health and vitality. By integrating eastern medicine with modern research and western healthcare, the results are profound. 

Clinical Passion

Macushla F. Hobin, L.Ac. is a Denver based Chinese Medicine Practitioner, who specializes in pregnancy, post-partum, and pelvic floor health. Through the practices of acupuncture, nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal medicine she helps her patients achieve a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth, and to heal during postpartum. She believes educating and empowering her patients is part of her work and part of the success she sees in clinic. Her mission is to see her patients have safe and healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and recoveries while providing natural and effective solutions. Outside of the clinic, she is focusing her efforts toward teaching, researching and building curriculum, and has developed classes for both acupuncture professionals and birth workers in pregnancy, postpartum, and labor/delivery.


 Macushla has a heart-full, healthy life. She enjoys spending time in nature, cycling, telemark skiing, healthy eating, researching, cinema, flower arranging, traveling, and being with her two fur babies.